The National Community Options Program or NCOP, is a program which has been created with the primary focus in mind of assisting homeowners to effectively reduce both monthly debt payments, interest expenses, and the amount of time required to pay off mortgage and other household debts.

These objectives are achieved through providing homeowners with industry best purchase and refinance loans, and a proprietary interest reduction money management system called WealthXS™. This proprietary money management system manages debt and discretionary income, to effectively reduce up to 50% of the time and interest homeowners pay on their mortgages and other debts.

As a result of the NCOP program, eligible homeowners are able to reduce their minimum monthly mortgage payments, and pay 30 year mortgages off in as little as 15.7 years, and 15 year mortgages in as little as 7.9 years!

For more information on the WealthXS system, watch the video below:

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